Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Another excellant day Woo

Today was pretty average but lotsa fun!
Went to the Abuela's house as per usual. Today was extra fun, there were no fights with Rafita and Carmen and I totally love those two, I feel like they are just like my lil Spanish cousins! Their new favorite activity to do with me is to name animals, then I divide up a piece of paper into boxes and draw a cartoony animal in each one. I want to take a picture of them because they are all totally cute drawings, if I do say so myself! Then they color them in. It's really fun!
Today they also had their tennis lesson so I swam in the pool with Annie. She is so nice! We had a really nice time!!
Then we walked home and before I knew it I was done and waiting for the bus! I met Kaja today in madrid, we were supposed to go to the train station and reserve our Grenada tickets, but of course, something went wrong... this time I forgot to bring my Eurail pass so I couldn't even reserve a ticket! SO we are going back tomorrow.
We left the train station and went walking around. We realized we were pretty near the Reina Sofia, the modern art museum, but once we had walked there we saw that it was closed on Tuesdays (our luck) so instead we went into the Starbucks nearby because it was HOT (40 Celsius!!) and I got a frappuccino. Then we were just so tired from the sun that we just sat in Starbucks for like an hour, chatting and drawing and stuff. Finally we got up the strength to go somewhere, so we walked to the nearby Botanical gardens. They were so much fun! All kinds of pretty flowers, exotic green plants, bonzai trees, and a big greenhouse filled with cactus! Lots of fun!
Kaja and I always just have a great time walking around parks, and this one was no exception. Maybe it was the blaring sunshine, maybe it was the strange plants, but soon into our romp around the garden we for some reason started talking in whiney british accents, and didn't break character once for the entire few hours we were there. It was extremely goofy, but fit the situation perfectly.
Then we walked to Sol and got falafel for dinner, of course. I then got another book to read because i'm almost done with the one I'm currently reading and I don't want to be bookless!! I took a bus home and just got in at 11, pretty late, pretty tired, ready for SLEEEEEEP!


  1. Every day you describe sounds great!
    Love, G'ma C

  2. Hope you're having a good sleep. It was close to 100F degrees here today. Hot everywhere.
    I love hearing about your days.
    XOXO Mom