Monday, 5 July 2010

Monday Sunnyday

Woke up this morning... very tired... I definitely need to get more sleep! But how can I when I have a blog to write!!?
Abuela's was really fun today... the older cousin (Sofia) was there. I haven't mentioned the cousins much, but Sofia is around quite a bit. She is 16 and a total sweetheart. She is my friend on facebook and even fb chatted me one day (in spanish haha). It's always nice having her around because she plays with the kids with me in addition to telling them do things so I don't have to! :)
We played a ball game as well as some coloring games. I also taught them tic tac toe, because apparently that doesn't exist in Spain. Also they LOVE the "Where's Spot" book I got them, I think I read it maybe 20 times over the course of today!
We also took a field trip during the day to the supermarket which was nice because we got out of the house for a bit!
Then it was time for some swimming (It is HOT here!!) and then I took the bus to Kaja's!
At Kaja's we walked to a nearby big swimming pool where we swam some laps before sun tanning. I also have been reading my book which is a pretty stupid boy meets girl book, but is long so I am entertained without the book ending too quickly! Getting close though... I need to learn to read slower!
After Kaja's I took a bus home and got back at about 9:30, had some Tapas-like dinner with Rafa Sr and Maica of mini toasts, cheese, and ham. It was yummy! We also watched some spanish tv show and I understood a lot of it! Woo! That was today... I've got to take a shower!
xoxo Julia
P.s. Grenada this weekend FINALLY (Kaja and I are buying the tix tomorrow for SURE!)
P.p.s. Grenada this weekend is supposed to be 38 degrees Celsius... that's over 100 F... WOW.
P.p.p.s. I was having trouble uploading my pics on Facebook, but they are up now! Not a lot, but still. :)


  1. Can't wait to see the pix! Mom says they are great. Also great that you picked just the right book for the kiddies! Stay cool Julia! Love, Dad

  2. Love the new pics! I thought it was MY problem that I couldn't find them on Facebook! You'll have to make the torta de patates (is that right?)at Sleepy Hollow. Sophia had it for breakfast every day! Love you! Gma