Thursday, 22 July 2010


I'm sooo excited to go to Portugal tomorrow, especially because it marks the final weekend trip in Europe this summer and I think it will be FANTASTIC! I am also really really really excited to come home, but really going to miss it here. It hasn't really hit me that I might not ever see these places again... this has been a once in a lifetime experience and it's not like I can just casually go back to Spain again, and if I did I would probably go to different places, SOooooo when I say goodbye, it's goodbye for good and that is scary. Hopefully I will get to see Carmen and Rafa again in the future, but who knows! Carmen might not even remember me!!
Anyways, some little things...
- I love love love playing with Carmen and Rafa in the swimming pool. Sometimes we play shark and I make a shark fin and say "Dun DUn DUn Dun dun DUN DUN DUN" as I close in on them and tickle them while making munching sounds. They laugh and it's always really fun until Rafa starts biting me for real (he actually does) and I have to change up the game. Carmen also now loves playing that I am her "surf board" where I lie down and she stands on my back while I swim. I like that one too except that sometimes I need to come up for air and she gets frustrated that my need for Oxygen gets in the way with her playing. But unfortunately I think this chlorine is kiiiilling my hair... I'll definitely have to do some hair therapy when I get home from Spain. Pool time is just such a must because of how hot it is!
- I'm going to try to get a book in Spanish, I think I am proficient enough in spanish to get through it! Only problem is it must be short so I can finish it because it is tiring reading in Spanish! Also I'd like something interesting. I might ask one of the cousins to let me borrow something.

That's all for now! I have to go take out my laundry and paaaack for LISBOA PORTUGAL!
Hasta Luego


  1. No,no, no!!! It is not goodbye for good! You old? You can always stop in Madrid for a visit on the way to some other fabulous place. Maybe they will come and visit you when they get older. I don't think they will ever forget you. Can't wait to see you! Love and xxx's, Gma

  2. I agree with Frona. They will not forget you, and they will be travelling, like yoou are, when they are your age, and will stay with you (and your family?!). The whole world is open to you. How do you know you wont start an Spain-Newton import-export company and travel there all the time? Or become Secretary of State and trsvel all over the world? Or, or, or .. .