Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Strange Dancers and Swimmmmming

Past two days have been very fun! Everything with Carmen and Rafita has been pretty regular, I really have so much fun with those two. They are happy for me to just tickle them for hours or give them little "treasure hunt" back massages. Yesterday Rafita started calling me "Julita" and today Carmen without blinking an eye said in perfect english, "Where is the ball Julia?" I felt so accomplished!! Rafita got mad at me for swimming during their tennis lesson and I was confused until I realized that he wanted me to stay during the lesson and watch him play! Awww. I'm still swimming anyways though haha! Now whenever he argues with me I ask him, Hey Rafa, who's the Boss? And the answer is ME! Mwahaha.
Alsooo Kaja and I love swimming and sunbathing at the big pool near her house, it is really amazing when it's hot out!
Today Kaja and I went into Madrid to reserve our tickets for the coming weekend. We were planing on going to San Sebastian, a small un-touristy hot spot that has beautiful beaches, trendy stores, and what we have heard is the best food, ever. However, the train was all booked up! Instead we are going to Pamplona! It's after the bulls festival, so it won't be as totally crazy and crowded, but still it's a great city and I am really excited!
It is so strange that I only have like two weeks of Madrid time left... it seems like just a few days ago Kaja and I were trying to think of things to occupy our time with... now we are worried we won't be able to see everything we want to! This place really feels familiar to me now... I recognize streets and know my way around the city better than I know my way around Boston! Similarly, I could tell you a bunch of the Spanish soccer players (Puyol, Iniesta, Villa, Torres) but I don't know ANY USA players! Ah! I also need to get a Spain shirt/ soccer jersey before I leave!!
Anyways, after Kaja and I got our Pamplona tickets, we decided to try to go to the Reina Sophia museum (the last time we were going to go it was closed) so we went there but instead of going in there were a bunch of dancers practicing routines on the plaza outside, so we sat and started watching. We ended up sitting there watching these dancers for like 2 hours! After they were practicing they did a legit show with music and stuff and it was so cool!! To top off the evening, we stopped and got Maoz falafel on our way back home. Delicious.
Anyways, I gotta get to sleeeep!
Miss everyone!
xoxo Julita. (by the way, it is pronounced Jew-leet-ah)

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  1. Hey Honor Student - congrats! You have really done Spain. Your reports are wonderful. One more tip - try to make time for the Reina Sophia. It has one of Picasso's most famous paintings, Guernica, an awesome anti-war work with an incredible history. Can't wait to see you! Love, Gma